The Celtic Design Collection and Jeremiah Higgins take your privacy seriously. We believe that user data should be kept safe and secure throughout a visit to our site.

The Celtic Design Collection ensures that…

  1. User information is kept safe during their visit by securing a user’s browser using current, good security practices. Such as enforced usage of HTTPS Protocols on all clients and Database encryption strategies.
  2. All communication between company representatives and customers is kept confidential. We will never exploit nor steal any data transferred to us and we promise to keep all official communications private.
  3. Payments are processed securely. By utilizing both Paypal and Stripe payment Gateways, we can ensure that all payments are kept safe and accountable. Any stolen information, or errors during payment are at the fault of these parties.

In short, we promise that…

  • Your information is safe.
  • Your details are protected
  • Your payments are trackable.